How to win Poker in 4 steps


Poker Yaar is sharing some quick tips and tricks to help you to win and raise your skills

Step 1- Pick a game type and stick to it.

Stick to one game type and don’t be afraid to move down in stakes and play your way up. Everyone who has found long term success has made that journey.


Step 2- Identify and isolate your problems.

Before you can solve a problem with your poker game you need to identify what is it. In order to do an in-depth analysis of your game you will need a good sized sample of your own hands to study.

You can start by putting in some hands online at any stakes. Go through your database and identify your spots where your win rate is bad.

Study the situation you faced carefully, both pre and post flops. Find spots you were uncertain about what to do? Ask yourself questions like:

  • Should I have folded?
  • Did I play that hand well despite the results?

Be honest with yourself why you might be losing. You’ll never move your Poker career forward without the courage to face problems with your game.


Step 3- Improve your Weakness.

If you are a beginner or mid-stake player, one of the best resources out there is We offer numerous hand charts online and tournament play with pre flop ranges included. Additionally, there is how to play section on our dashboard with easy to go language. Also the actual screenshots and the info-graphs from the game play areall covered in that section.

Imitate players, who are better than you, this can instantly improve your game skills.


Step 4- Execute

The final step is to put your game to the test.

Play well: Remember you’re always working on your poker game. Concentrate on playing well and pay special attention to spots where you previously made mistakes. Implement your new strategies and stick to them.

Know your ranges: Know the hands you are going to play in each position. Keep your ranges in front of you when playing online.


Know your limits: Only play when you feel mentally prepared. Have the ability to step back from the game when you’re having trouble staying focused.

These 4 steps + Hard work + Skill = Win at Poker!

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